Yin For Detox

Yin Sequence to Detox

Spring is the time of new growth, a time to thrive and clear out what is not needed. If we are weighted down with worries, extra kilos, too much stuff in our life now is the time to consider shedding and lightening our load.  This practice works mainly on the external rotation of the hips to open the liver meridian but also has a few twists to compress the digestive organs. It will help you make room in your body and mind so you can turn to the things in your life that nurture and nourish you.

Butterfly (3-4) min

supine butterfly moshka yoga


Dragonfly sequence: Twist right (1 min) fold forward (3-4 min) twist left ( 1 min)

straddle from popsugar


Thread the needle Right side 2 min, also you can add the variation of lifting top hand back and binding it behind the back

thread the needle from myyogaonline

left side (2 min)

Shoe lace right leg on top, lateral lean to right ( 2 min) forward fold ( 2 min) shoelace twist to right ( 2 min)

shoelace pose from dakini bliss

repeat left side on top

twisted roots right ( 3 min) Left ( 3 min)

twisted roots



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