Yin for Fatigue and Adrenals

If we live under chronic stress and take no time to recover we may find ourselves in adrenal deficit. The adrenal glands, the bean shaped organs sitting on top of the kidneys,  produce the chemicals Adrenalin and cortisone in times of stress.Adrenaline is responsible for increasing our heart beat, tensing our muscles and raising our blood pressure. Cortisone suppresses the immune response, feeds sugar into the muscles and increases inflammation. If you activate the adrenals over and over again the body becomes depleted and our life essence or ‘jing’ may wane.

If we find ourselves overstimulating on coffee to keep awake, finding we get our energy late at night or are putting weight on around the middle it is possible we are heading towards adrenal fatigue. If we constantly push ourselves towards over-consuming, over- analysing, over-committing we are stressing the fine hormonal balance of our endocrine system.

We should take time out of our life to nurture ourselves. And by this I don’t mean going out for a pedicure or a meal but spending time alone, in silence and being mindful of how we feel.

Here is a sequence to restore energy, help with our flagging energy, strengthen our adrenal response and stimulate the kidney meridian.




Supported Fish Pose: Place a block or bolster under the lower ribs. The kidneys are a little higher than most people think the right one being slightly lower than the left. Use this pose to set your intention to put down all the busyness and to be here for yourself. Create an awareness of where the kidneys lie in your body. The adrenal glands sit on top of them.





single nostril



Seated single nostril breathing. Create balance in your well being by balancing the energy channels on the left and right side of your spine.







photo 1 (3)




Butterfly pose : Let our knees drop out like a diamond shape as you come on to the front of your sit bones. As you bend forward let your head and back relax in to the fold. Support the head if necessary.Expand the energy in the back line of the body by breathing deeply into the mid back.









Sphinx: Lay your belly on the earth and let your spine fall like a string of soft beads.





saddle pose



Saddle or 1/2 saddle: Sit on your bent knees with the legs slightly apart. Lean back to create a deep arch in the lower back. Use a bolster if you wish to support the back.







Legs up the wall: Feel the blood pool like a reservoir into the pelvis