Swim with the whales yoga retreat Tonga

15 – 22 September 2017 with Gabrielle Harris


  • Inspiring yoga sessions each day
  • Up close encounters with Tonga’s humpback whales
  • An entire week in a relaxing tropical paradise
  • Getting to know Serenity’s friendly Tongan staff
  • Pristine white sand beach on your doorstep
  • Snorkeling over coral reef teeming with life

Swimming with a humpback whale is one of the most incredible wildlife encounters on earth. It is an intensely emotional experience which will never leave you. We combine this life changing event with an intimate yoga practice facilitated by a teacher who is sensitive to the nature of these encounters. Rachel Land and Gabrielle Harris provide an atmosphere where the alternating rhythm of yoga practice and whale encounters moves us into a deeper experience of both. Yin and Yang. Internal and external. Body and soul.

Book your space on this special tropical wellness adventure now, spaces are limited to just 7 guests per departure.






For a complete itinerary and details please visit: The Extra Mile