Sphinx Pose

sphinxBenefits of Sphinx Pose- Heart Opener
Sphinx pose strengthens the spine and opens the lungs, chest and shoulders.
Great to counteract mild depression and to raise your energy.
Stimulates abdominal organs
Can be a very deep compression and stimulation of the sacral-lumbar arch
Stresses the lower back, stimulating the kidneys which brings feelings of vitality
Tones the spine. People with bulging or herniated disks may find this very therapeutic.
Helps to restore the natural curves of the back, especially for those who sit for long periods of the day
If the neck is dropped back, the thyroid will also be stimulated.
Stimulates the Heart, Lung and Intestine Meridians as they flow through the chest area and the Kidney Meridians as they flow through the sacral lumbar area
Considered a gentle heart opening of the fourth chakra ( Anahata) which promotes feelings of love, compassion and joy.

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