Joe Barnett Yin Teacher Training Level 2 ( 7 spots left)

19th-24th November 2017 40 hours

Venue SPCA Alexandra Road, Haitaitai, Wellington

Level 2 Training :  

This training is for those who have been trained in the Yin Yoga Foundations with Joe.

Beyond a series ofimage010 brief yet focused reviews of the foundations, Target Practice offers the teacher methods to empower her dialogue and sharpen her focus, including an introduction to a One-on-One treatment called Assisted Yin. The budding Yin Therapist will learn to manually guide and hold her client’s passive body into the appropriate Target Area, while skillfully using posture and props to minimize her own muscular efforts.

This Next Level study also aims deeper than the crude tissues of the Target Area. The Yin practice releases blocked Chi which has the potential to awaken the spiritual centers of our being, the Chakras.

“The Modern Meridian Theory” proposes that the physical manifestation of Chi (or Prana) flows in water patterns, “rivers” or Meridians that run through the Fascia. Restricted tissue, as well as stagnant and/or deficient Chi flow is corrected and regulated through the proper application of practices like Yin Yoga.

The exit of the posture reveals this flow, this “Rebound.” And with a continuously conscious yet soft focus at the end of each asana, this intelligent vibration can be directed into the Chakras to reveal everything from suppressed regret and fear to forgotten joy and inspiration. Each awakened  Chakra is a unique opportunity to examine deeply hidden motivations, an opportunity to choose to release or embrace these previously hidden drives in order to move towards a higher path

For more information and to enrol go to Joe Yin Teacher Training

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