Joe Barnett Yin Teacher Training Level 1

Functional Anatomy for a Practice of Surrender ; Level 1 Training 11th-17th November, 2017

joe and skeletonThe training is meant for anybody who has been practicing yoga for at least a year, and has done Yin Yoga before. Students should also have an interest in deepening their understanding of the more contemplative side of the practice including; meditation, pranayama and further energetic practices.If you are new to yin this course will give you the basic training to start teaching. If you have been teaching you will deepen your understanding of this ancient practice and be able to immediately apply your learning.

In this training we will analyze, observe and practice all of the elements of Yin Yoga in depth. Joe will break down the theory and practice of Yin, Chakras and Meridians, Anatomy of yoga for Yin and Yang and Traditional Chinese Medicine as applied to Yin Yoga. The trainings are based on the philosophical and anatomical principles of Paul and Suzee Grilley. Students will be awarded a yoga alliance 50 hour certificate.

Venue SPCA Hataitai, Wellington

For more details information go to Joe Barnett Master Teacher Trainings

3 thoughts on “Joe Barnett Yin Teacher Training Level 1

    • Hi Lisa we have just set the 2017 and I’m not sure what dates we will run it in 2018. It depends on his schedule. I have put you on the mail out list for future information about trainings. Thank you! Gabrielle

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