Tiffany Cruikshank TCM Immersion SOLD OUT

SOLD OUT Please apply for wait list 🙂

Tiffany Cruikshank Chinese Medicine 

JasperPhoto_TiffanyC_0069_lowrezDates 24th-27th April, 2017

Times: 8-10 am  am Practice

12:00- 4:00  pm Lectures and application

Cost $850.00 NZD

Venue: SPCA, 140 Alexandra Road, Newtown

Description:This immersion will give you a foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory to help you understand your student’s unique individual constitution and how that can allow your work to be more effective. You will learn the basic five-element theory, yin and yang theory, and the differentiation of the organs or Zang Fu theory as it applies specifically to yoga. By understanding the framework of Chinese Medicine it gives us a basis to individualize the practice for our students needs.

For more information and to enrol go to Tiffany NZ Immersion

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