Wandering Eye

‘Our eyes are our window to the soul’ Traditional proverb

When we practice yoga we may be reminded about using  drishti or a gazing point to help us concentrate during our practice. This spot could be on the tip of the nose, to the thumbs or navel or maybe in yin towards our inner eye or third eye, the place between the eyebrows and back into the head. Drishti helps us align our vision to our actions, it also helps us diminish some of the constant chatter of the mind. Drishti is the sanskrit word meaning to have vision or wisdom, a point of view, so in this sense it is not only the physical act of looking but how we see and what interpretation we make of our visual world.

Our attention is the most valuable thing we have. Where our eyes go our mind and body ultimately go. We can spend a great deal of out day being pulled out by our sight getting caught up by our constant attraction to grasping at the world through our eyes. We make our choices and form our opinions on what we see. We judge with our eyes, we decide what is good and bad through our vision.

When we seek to view the world through our narrow vision our habits of sight can sometimes stop us seeing the reality of a situation. In truth we do not have a very global view of the world we live in but more a blinkered vision of what is in front of us. When we judge someone for an action, word or how they look we can not see what has come before for that person, we do not have a context to place our judgment. We see something in that moment and form an opinion.

Drishti is a technique for seeing the divine in every situation. It focuses our attention on what is innately good and loving about any situation or person. It helps us to step away from our habits and beliefs of how something should look, or be. Imagine if you were blind from birth and one day you were given vision. Would you then see what is wrong or bad about your view, or would you turn to what is beautiful?

Practice for this week: Where do you look and how do you look? Are you able to shift your world view for a moment from seeing and judging to just seeing and observing. When we change the way we look at the world we can shift our perspective.

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