Being true to yourself

As we practice yin we have a chance to practice and reflect on our integrity. Integrity is being true towards yourself and remembering which way our moral compass points.
As we move our body through different shapes there are always temptations to push too far beyond our edge, practice when you should be resting or maybe pulling out of poses too early because you have simply given up, or because you think no one is looking. Maybe we simply overdo poses because we can.

If we are to truly ‘do’ yoga we should honor our own personal values as our guide regardless of the consequences. Our personal values are our internal barometer to living a life that is good, honest and true.

Being true to yourself is not always the easiest path it can mean we don’t always look good or are the best, but it can have the most profound effects on our life by releasing the grip on how we think we need to be to the world around us. Integrity shines a light on  our authenticity.

Practice for this week: Examine the ways in which you are not entirely honest with yourself. Without judgment or unkindness contemplate if these actions make you feel better about yourself in the long run. It could be something as simple as pulling out of a pose when the teacher is not looking or it could be something which has a greater impact on those around us like not speaking up for someone, or taking credit when we shouldn’t. Use this practice to examine the ways in which you steer yourself away from your core values and beliefs.

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