Spring Cleanse

springAs Spring approaches the ground starts to warm and thaw melting away any ice or water. As we are part of nature, our body imitates the earth as it starts to shed and cleanse by losing water. During spring you may have more runny noses or colds as the body attempts to prepare itself for the new season.During winter we may have put heavy demands on the liver and gall bladder with heavier foods, less activity more alcohol or caffeine. It is an instinctive response to this time of year to want to get rid of whatever it is that is weighing us down so we can lift ourselves up out of the winter months.

In Ayurvedic science, the sister of Hatha yoga, we know that ama is anything that remains undigested within us.  Ama can take many forms, it can be undigested food, making us feel sluggish or it can be anything that weighs us down in life. If we have too much clutter, weight or processions or things that we don’t need or use this is ama. Ama can also be undigested thoughts or emotions, this is what we carry in our mind but do not look at or deal with. We stuff these thoughts and emotions away because they can cause pain and we feel it is easier and safer to ignore or look away.However if we constantly turn from the difficult then we create a heaviness within ourselves that blocks the flow of new ideas or intentions.

This month as we move towards spring, a time of growth and soaring higher ask yourself, what is it that remains undigested within me? In what ways can clearing both my body and mind help me move towards my goals. A good pose for exploring this is a simple meditation position. Just sit quietly and watch what comes up. Through this process of self-observation and turning towards ourselves we can start to work at cleansing and clearing our mind, making way for new beginnings.





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