Finding Courage

shoelaceYou may have heard the saying ‘the gall of it all’ which refers to someones spunk or verve in their actions. In Chinese Traditional Medicine the gall bladder is referred to as the courageous decision maker and hence the saying.
When the energy that flows through this meridian is strong we are courageous and easily able to make choices. When the energy is weak we become indecisive about our life and may suffer from wakefulness in the gall bladder time of 11:00-1:00am. Sometimes we may have tension headaches.
The gall bladder energy can be imagined as the seed just as it sprouts. It is where our courage stems from: it is the energy of the pioneer whenever that is called for in our life.
Any pose that tugs on the outside of the body or down the sides especially around the hips will strengthen our energy through the gall bladder channels.
If you have been feeling unable to move forward or lacking courage or conviction try shoelace pose.

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