Feeling Stuck

spinal twistNo matter how many times I tell my children to stop popping their knuckles they keep doing it. I can’t even lie to them about the damage it will cause as their seems to be no evidence that it does.
The sound you hear is called fixation. It is when the suction between the bones pops. The bones are held together by a fluid and when the seal is broken you can hear the release of the gas in between the joint. A bit like pulling coaster off the bottom of a glass. The release can actually feel good in your body, like you have more freedom in your joints.
It is a good reminder that to find freedom in your life we sometimes have to let go of the things we are stuck on. This can be an idea, an emotion or a way of viewing the world.
Try twisted roots pose to see if you can feel the pop of the lower back.Twisted roots is a spinal twist with the legs wrapped around each other

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