17: A word not to Use

ahimsaWhen we venture on a spiritual practice of any kind, we set the intention to find out more about the relationship we have with ourselves and then use this knowledge to form a stronger relationship with those around us or with spirit. The mistake a lot of practitioners make is  they assume that something about themselves should change in order for them to reach higher ground.

The practice of Ahimsa means non harming or being kind to yourself. When you set up your day with the thought I should be more……, or I shouldn’t do…….., or someone should….., we are using the word should as a form of violence against ourselves. When we judge ourselves with should, ‘ I should be able to do handstand’ What we are saying is that the way I am is not perfect therefore I need to change into something else, something better.

The practice of yoga is to remove the barriers  we erect against ourselves that prevent us from seeing we are already perfect. The practice becomes undoing what is in the way of our greatness as opposed to making ourselves into a different person. If we are authentic, truthful and practice kindness towards ourselves in order to gain higher spiritual ground we will forget the word should.

Instead we would start each day in a brave new way and recognise that we are perfect as we are, we don’t need to be anyone other than ourselves and that our mission is to bring to the foreground our goodness, not to sit in our shadows trying to erase or edit what is wrong with us.This is the point where we move from punishing ourselves into accepting ourselves.

Practice for today. Move today towards perfection. Keep moving in this way forward remembering that within you is your essential perfection. Be the best you can today bringing your best intentions into the world. Put your shoulds to one side and bath in the true authentic spirit of yourself.

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